From Father to Son…

Meatways Kambah was originally opened in 1973 by Cameron’s dad Peter Fenson. Peter’s business goals were simple, just supply the best cuts of meat at affordable prices.

Before the days of the supermarket, everyone would visit the local butcher to get their meat. So if you weren’t supplying the freshest, quality cuts, you didn’t last long.

At a time when sausages were either just plain beef, pork or lamb, Peter started creating new and interesting varieties by adding fresh herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. Peter was well known around Canberra for his creative sausages; a passion inherited by Cameron.

With a friendly smile and a sincere “How are you?”, Peter became good friends with many of his customers over the years. While retired, Peter can still be found at the shop mentoring the staff and helping out during the Christmas rush.

The Next Generation

Cameron started working with his dad in 1992, learning the traditional methods of butchery and customer service. He took over the business in 1998. Since then the shop has undergone a number of renovations.

Since taking over, Cameron has greatly extended the range of small goods and sausages. Now with over 30+ varieties of sausages he’s gained the reputation of having the best range of gourmet sausages in Canberra.

The quality of his bacon and ham has also seen a huge growth in demand as reflected by his success at state and national competitions.

Cameron continues his father’s legacy of supplying the best cuts of meat at affordable prices.

A Fresh New Look

Whilst the location hasn’t changed the new shop and range of quality products has. With a new fresh look and a huge range of quality meats, ham, bacon and 30+ varieties of gourmet sausages there’s plenty to wet your appetite.

So if you’re looking for something different for the dinner table or BBQ, drop in and check us out.

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