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Award Winning Ham, Bacon and Sausages


Recently, Meatways Butchery took out 2nd in ACT and 3rd overall in Australia in the Australian Bacon Awards 2017

Meatways Butchery has also taken 1st place in both boneless and bone-in ham for the ACT and placed 2nd nationally for their boneless ham in the prestigious Australian Ham Awards, held as part of Australian Ham Week which runs from 30 November to 6 December to celebrate and promote home-grown ham.

The ACT’s sausage-making champion, Cameron Fenson, also snagged his second national title at the National Sausage King competition.

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In the News

26 JAN 2017 – Source AAP

With a pair of tongs in hand, Mr Turnbull joked about how his deputy Barnaby Joyce would blame him when cattle prices bombed but claim credit when they were high.

He was particularly enamoured with local butcher Cameron Fenson, dragging him into a press conference after fending off curly questions about Donald Trump.

“Now where is our friend the butcher, come here, the sausage maker,” Mr Turnbull beckoned.

“This is the creative artist who has made those sausages – they’re fantastic, good on you.”

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